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Our History spans three generations beginning with Brack Deal & Thelma Isabelle "Belle" Deal

Around 1939, Brack Deal and his wife Thelma Isabelle "Belle" Deal planted the first of our orchards. Clearing much of the land with a mule was hard work on the steep mountain orchard behind their home. They, and their three children, started out with approximately 15 acres of orchard. The same orchard has been replanted and is still being used today producing delicious apples. Brack & Belle's son, Lindsay, and his family still run the business today as Deal Orchards, Inc., growing over 100 acres of fruit. Photo to right shows Brack & Belle on their wedding day.


Brack and Belle Deal
Brack and Grandaugter

First Brushy Mountain Fruit Growers Association, Circa 1900

Belle's father, Robert Lowe is in this picture. Back in the day, there were dozens of orchards in this area.


Brack & Granddaughter - 1969

A blooming apple tree at Lindsay's house made a good backdrop!

Lindsay and Alan Deal

Lindsay Deal and His Children ~ 1971

Lindsay and his three children enjoying a wagon ride on the farm. Apple trees are in the background.

Lindsay Deal ~ Alan Deal

Lindsay and son, Alan, tend to every aspect of growing, harvesting and packing our fruit. They are thankful for their many loyal employees that are instrumental in the day to day operations from orchard to market.



Lindsay Deal and Family

All of Lindsay's family are involved with the business.

Standing Watch For Decades

This may not be the prettiest tree in our mountain orchard but is definitely very special!! As of October 2019, when this picture was made, this tree is 80 years old and still producing Limbertwig apples. This apple tree is the only original tree left that Brack planted back in 1939. The rest of the orchard has been replanted.